1H 2019
$2.3BN (1)
U.S. Dollar figures have been calculated based on the
U.S.$/KZT average exchange rate for the six months ended 30 June 2019, comprising KZT379.14.
Total Finance Value
YoY Growth
1H 2019
YoY Growth
1H 2019
$2.9BN Average Portfolio
YoY Growth

Through the Fintech Platform, we enable our customers to access consumer financial products primarily online through Mobile App.

Our technologically-advanced infrastructure allows us to make a high-quality credit decision in real time, usually within seconds, which ensures a seamless customer experience.

The Fintech Platform is also strategically built around product selection, meaning customers are first able to select the good they would like to buy, and then access available solutions to finance the purchase through Mobile App.