History of Innovation

As an innovation-driven company we have a proven track record of introducing cutting-edge products and services that were quickly adopted by our customers.

We believe that the Kaspi Ecosystem has become an integral part of people’s daily lives in Kazakhstan and our focus on innovation has propelled our Ecosystem to leading market position across all our Platforms.

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  • Mobile Commerce (Kaspi QR)
  • Kaspi Face ID
  • Kaspi e-Sign
  • Consumer finance and Kaspi Red with Kaspi e-Sign, Kaspi Face ID and Kaspi QR in Kaspi.kz Mobile App
  • PoS solutions with Kaspi QR technology
  • Kaspi QR
  • ATMs with face recognition and
    Kaspi QR technology
  • Kaspi Business Mobile App
    P2P Global Transfers to any card
  • P2P Transfers by Kaspi QR code
  • Kaspi Message
  • Kaspi Mobile App
  • P2P transfers by card
  • P2P transfers by phone number
  • Kaspi Juma
  • Kaspi Maps
  • Kaspi Red Shopping Club
  • Kaspi Guide
  • Kaspi Gold debit card
  • Online Car Finance in partnership with Kolesa.Kz
  • Delivery service at Marketplace
  • Marketplace Platform
  • Kaspi Bonus
  • Online consumer finance
  • Active expansion of the terminal network
    enabling customers to top up their
    e-Wallets for Bill Payments
  • Bill Payments
  • e-Wallet